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Unfortunately I fell for this scam May 18,2010 and ordered Glo-White Smile, but cancelled order May 26.I was well within their terms of agreement, but Sept.

9 they took $39.95 out of my Visa acct. and then on Oct.1 they took $87.47. I just caught onto them Oct.8. I called them 1-888-869-2674.

They verified my cancellation date and gave me some kind of explanation that they were behind on their cancellation orders and that within ten days I would be reimbursed. I called several times, most of the times I got a person who spoke such broken English they could not be understood. When I got a woman who spoke English she said I my concerrn would be sent to the billing dept. and to call back in ten days for their decision after their review.

I told her there was nothing to review, they quoted my cancellation date they have on record. I told them to sent my money back as soon as possible. I told her I wanted to talk to the billing dept. and she said they don't speak to customers.

I told her I was reporting a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. This product is known by several others names Vivid White Smile, Brite White Smile,and Glo-White Smile.

I highly suggest everyone who reads this also reports to BBB.Elaine from New York.

Review about: Credit Card Charge.

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